Monday, August 25, 2014

A Sense of Scale

You have probably heard that adding something of a known size, such as people, to an image gives the viewer a sense of scale.   The panorama above is just a tiny part of the of the massive Vatnaj√∂kull Glacier.  This glacier is an ice cap that covers more than 8% of the country and has an average thickness of 1,300 feet!   Can you spot the 4 hikers on the glacier?  

Friday, August 22, 2014

12 Inches

If you were one of the folks that followed our Icelandic Adventure on Facebook, you might remember a post by my friend Jeff Johnson titled “12 Inches from the end of Road Runner”.  Jeff took a picture of me leaning over the edge of a canyon and Denise standing behind me.  I suspect had we fallen it would have been the end of more than just Road Runner Photography Tours.   But we were in no real danger and the steam rushing through the canyon was irresistible to me.   We are going back next September and if you would like to join us, check out the Iceland page on the Road Runner Photography Tours site.

Iceland is a landscape photographers paradise!!