Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lorton Part 3

Last week I made my 3rd visit to what remains of the Lorton Prison. I was joined by friends Corey, Karen, Glenn, Roger, and Bill.

Since this was my 3rd visit and time was brief, I tried to look for things I have not seen before and improve on shots I already have. During this visit I did get a bonus experience. Karen and I were locked in the dining hall for about 10 minutes. Luckily I had cell service and was able to call Corey and within minutes he had arranged to free us from our temporary imprisonment.

It was also pouring down rain during most of our visit, so this time all my pictures were taken inside or undercover.

Click here for a small gallery.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Random Thoughts

I wanted to update the blog since it might be a couple weeks before I get a chance to post new work.

The photo above was the result of a quick trip to the Franciscan Monastery last weekend with Greg Daily. I love Tulips, but it seems like I never have enough time to shoot them. Work, weather, and my personal life seem to get in the way.

It seems that I will miss the Bluebells this year. Bluebells are tough to shoot, but I like the challenge.

I’m missing Redbuds for sure. I have one in my front yard, but my house makes a lousy backdrop.

I’ll be making my 3rd trip to Lorton Prison early next week. I’m lucky enough to get occasional access, but the time on site is limited. You find your shot, take your shot and move on to the next one. You really don’t have time to work the scene or contemplate the possibilities. I’m grateful for the experience nonetheless. I will be looking for opportunities to shoot wide angle HDR panoramas on this trip.

The following day Jack Nevitt and I leave for the Smoky Mountains. In addition to the normal landscape photography, we are planning on shooting Star Trails! If the results are worthwhile, you can be sure I will share the results.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Grunge and Ghosts

I don’t believe in Ghosts, but the location of my latest adventure seems to be a popular place for ghost hunters and kids with spray paint. So far I have not seen any ghosts and I’m not sure why a ghost would want to hang out in such a place.

Click here for a large gallery of photos.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cherry Trees

This morning I met friends Jack, Greg, and Charles (from the Loudoun Camera Club) at Meadowlark Gardens for an early morning of shooting the Cherry Trees. We elected to avoid the crowds downtown and shoot locally.

This is just my opinion, but I think Cherry Trees are difficult to shoot. While beautiful to behold, I find them hard to craft into a compelling photograph. When challenged, I try to think of how I can approach the scene from a different perspective. This morning after walking around the lake and not finding the perspective I liked, I reached into my bag and grabbed the Lensbaby. I typically use the Lensbaby for close up shots, but I like how it rendered this shot. The bench and cherry trees are all that matter and the Lensbaby helps to direct your eye.

While some might not like the lack of edge to edge sharpness, I like to think it is sharp enough.