Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Early this summer I heard about a location with a collection of old cars.  There are not many of these places left and I was on my way within a week.  These old cars are disappearing and I find myself willing to travel significant distance to shoot them. 

When I was a kid Chrome was a big deal.  While you can still find it on today’s cars, it’s not the design feature it once was.  The neat thing about this collection was that most of the cars were from the 50’s and had some of the most ornate hood emblems that I have ever seen.   The owner is looking to get rid of this collection, I’m not sure if it will be there next year, but if it is I hope to shoot it again.  

Monday, August 15, 2011

Quick Trip


Last week my friend Greg called to say he was going to Great Falls on Friday night after work and did I want to join him.  Something happened the last few weeks and that something is that I have not picked up my camera.  I was just starting to get over a nasty summer cold and decided to join friends Greg and Allen for a night out.  Upon arrival at Great Falls the water level was quite nice but the skies were not happening.  What do I mean by that?  No real color and no clouds.  So we hiked down to the river’s edge which is a mini adventure in itself.   We setup in a favorite spot and shot a few frames and watched a few kayakers go over the falls.  I did not have the right lens for the kayakers, but I was prepared to shoot a panorama.    

Monday, August 1, 2011

Texture Overload


A couple of months ago I took friends JustBob and Karen Messick to my favorite Car Farm.   This is a great location and while there is always something to shoot, I must admit that I’m working hard to find it.   There are some factors that change my perspective such as season, time of day, direction of light, etc.  But still I don’t want to take pictures that I have already taken. I also think this type of exercise helps me develop as a photographer.  It forces me to try and see past the easy shots.

The rusted exteriors of the cars are full of texture, but in this case I decided that some additional texture was the look I was after.