Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Early this summer I heard about a location with a collection of old cars.  There are not many of these places left and I was on my way within a week.  These old cars are disappearing and I find myself willing to travel significant distance to shoot them. 

When I was a kid Chrome was a big deal.  While you can still find it on today’s cars, it’s not the design feature it once was.  The neat thing about this collection was that most of the cars were from the 50’s and had some of the most ornate hood emblems that I have ever seen.   The owner is looking to get rid of this collection, I’m not sure if it will be there next year, but if it is I hope to shoot it again.  


A.Barlow said...

Cool shot. Nice rust too. I remember as a kid - my dad used to race for pink slips, lol. Smart I know. Anyway, it was true about the chrome. The more the better. Especially on the grill.

Don Rosenberger said...

Thanks Aaron, Sorry it took me so long to reply. Lots going on.. I remember people racing for car titles, or at least talking about it. They might still do it today, I'm getting a little old to hand out with that crowd!