Monday, November 9, 2009

Shooting with the HDR Gang

Last week I took a day off work to go shooting with Tony Sweet, John Barclay, Just Bob and the rest of the HDR Gang. We met up with everybody at Eastern State Penitentiary. Tony made arrangements for us to shoot in some of the closed sections of the prison. While Eastern State is not really busy during the week, this gave us the illusion of having the place to ourselves. We had a great time as always. After 3 hours of shooting we took a lunch break and then part of the group headed over to the “Top Secret” Graffiti Underground. This time we met up with Philadelphia’s finest. It turns out they noticed 3 out of state vehicles and suspected they might be stolen. After we cleared that up they were on their way, totally unconcerned about how we were spending our afternoon.

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