Friday, April 30, 2010

Great Falls

I’m digging into the archives for this post. Usually I like the blog to reflect my current efforts, but I have been too busy to get out and shoot lately. The shot above was taken at Great Falls 2 summers ago. While Great Falls has some nice and safe observation decks, to get the really good shots you need to get close to the water. This is not without risk. I try to be careful, balancing my desire to keep my camera and my body out of the water. Make no mistake, falling into the water at Great Falls could very likely be fatal and I know of a pro photographer that lost a Nikon D300 and tripod to this river.

Considering the danger, it is amazing how many people push their luck. The evening that I took the shot there were 3 young men who were standing on the rocks to the left of the waterfall, perhaps 3 feet from the edge, just to have their picture taken. While you can’t tell from this shot, getting to that spot is fairly difficult. If you decide to go to Great Falls, be sure to bring along a little caution and common sense to temper the fun you will have shooting in this unique location.
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