Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Snow Geese Migration

For the last 3 years I have traveled to Bombay Hook NWR with my friend Greg Daily. The shot above was from my first year and it was also the best year. For some reason there hasn’t been as many snow geese the last 2 years. We see some, but that first year was something special. This year we arrived and much to our disappointment did not see any. Sure there were other birds, but unless you borrow the zoom lens from the Hubble Space Telescope, they are just too far away to get good photos. The thing that makes snow geese special is the mass migration. With a reasonable lens you can usually get some great pictures.

This year I asked around and soon found out there were perhaps a thousand or so birds at Prime Hook NWR. So we hopped back in the vehicle and drove an hour south. We waited for 2 hours, the light was great but they were just sitting there on the water and out of reach. Finally they all took off in mass and looped around the pond and then landed. The show was over. We got a few shots, but not the show we were hoping for.

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