Monday, January 24, 2011

Fun While It Lasted

Recently Greg Daily and I were in western Maryland shooting the frozen waterfalls at Swallow Falls State Park.   By mid-day the sun was high overhead so we decided to drive over to Deep Creek Lake to have lunch.  While driving past the lake I noticed several people on snowmobiles.  They were flying across the frozen lake at what looked like 50 mph.   I was surprised that the ice on the lake was thick enough for them to do this, but then I noticed a few tents out on the lake and figured people must be ice fishing.  We had lunch and on the way back noticed a group out on the lake with their motorcycles so we pulled over and walked on out.  I must admit it was kind of strange to walk on water in this way.  Especially when I would encounter an inch or two of frozen slush on top.   I’m watching these guys use a blade on  a 4- wheeler to push the snow and make a track while a few others raced around.  Next thing I notice is a pair of policemen walking out on the lake to meet us.  Turns out only fishermen and snowmobiles are permitted on the lake, no motorcycles.  They told the group that creating the track created a hazard for the snowmobiles.  Considering the speed of the snowmobiles, I can easily see how this could be a problem.  I managed to get a couple of record shots but left disappointed.    I was hoping to come back some other time and try and shoot these guys in a much more creative manner.  

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