Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Guest Photographer

A couple months ago I was asked to be a Guest Photographer on a site called Fotopelak.   Besides posting to Twitter, Facebook and my Blog, I don’t spend any time publicizing my work. I would rather spend my time making pictures than trying to promote my work.  In spite of this, over the last couple years I have been approached by a number of people in regards to my photography.  With so much photography on the internet it is truly amazing that my work occasionally stands out.   

After getting the request I had to decide what to share.  While I consider myself a nature photographer I decided to submit a collection of old cars.  Click here for a link to my gallery.


A.Barlow said...

Grats man. Is kinda cool when you think about all the millions of photos out there isn't it?

Don Rosenberger said...

Hi Aaron, Pretty cool for sure. Thanks for always checking out my blog and commenting!