Monday, February 13, 2012

Shooting with the iPhone

When it comes to cell phone photography there seems to be 2 types of people.  You either love it or just don’t get it.    I certainly fall into the “love it” category.  The other day I was listening to an episode of The Grid on Kelby TV and heard a quote attributed to Jay Maisel.   It was something to the effect of  “if you want to be a better photographer, you have to take pictures every day”.  That might not be the exact quote, but it certainly brings home the point I want to make.  The iPhone lets me take pictures almost every day!  That is something that is just not possible with my DSLR. 

In the shot above I was driving down route 7 in Tysons Corner and the road was detoured under the new construction for the Metro.  Traffic came to a stop and with iPhone in hand I got this shot of the massive horizontal crane they are using to construct the above ground sections.   After capturing the picture I later finished it with an app called Painteresque. 

I often post my iPhone pictures on my Facebook PhotographyPage and my Twitter account.   If you want to see what I’m shooting be sure to follow those accounts.  
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