Friday, May 18, 2012

Dodge Truck

I shot this old Dodge truck about a year ago.   At the time it was my intention to blog about the shot, but I had a pending invitation to speak about Night Photography and Light Painting at the Loudoun Camera Club and decided to keep the image and several others off the blog until after my lecture.   I did put the picture up on my website, but these days most people spend their time on Facebook and Twitter and I think as a result don’t spend as much time visiting photo websites.  

Back to the picture.  As with most of my light painting the shot is a composite of multiple images.  I keep the tripod stable and move around the scene lighting the truck, and background from different angles.  I find that shooting multiples allows me much more flexibility when it comes to creating the final product.   I had another photographer with me when I shot this scene and sent him the final composite, his reply was something along the line of “I never envisioned that”.  The other part of shooting composites is you really need a vision before you start shooting.  Then you spend your time working to create that vision!  
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