Monday, July 9, 2012

Light Painting the Graffiti Underground


For the last couple of years the Graffiti Underground has been a favorite  location for myself and a few of my friends.   Last year Tony Sweet suggested we get together and light paint this unique location.  The Underground, as we call the location, is not in the best neighborhood so we originally decided to try and do this when the weather was cold and night fall came early.

We arrived about 2 hours before dark, did a fair amount of shooting and then starting planning our after dark activities.   To our surprise the place came alive after dark.   While no one bothered us, we decided to move on after a couple shots.
If you decide to take up light painting or any type of night photography please consider the precautions necessary to ensure your safety.  This could be as simple as shooting with a friend.  In our case I suspect the size of our group was a factor in the folks who showed up after dark leaving us alone.

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