Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Almost Back to Nature

Last weekend I visited Scranton Lace Factory for the second time this year.  While I think my first visit was very productive, last weekend offered me the ability to slow down and really work on some things that I had missed and work on some things that needed improving.   But after about 5 hours on site I hit a mental wall and it was time to pack it up and go home.   My friend Jeff Johnson seemed to also hit his mental wall about the same time as I did, so this worked out perfectly.    

For me good photography requires thought and concentration and as a result I get mentally tired after a period of time.   I also notice that if I am preoccupied or bothered about something, the quality of my work suffers.   At the same time I know several photographers who don’t seem to suffer from this condition.   As they say,  we are all different and as time goes by I find that I need to worry less about what works or does not work for others, instead learn what works and does not work for me.   I have always felt that photography is a journey, but today I would likely call it a creative journey and photography just happens to be the medium I use to express my vision. 

This weekend I start what will be a couple weeks of Nature Photography.  I will be leading a photo tour in West Virginia and I’m really excited to get back to nature and share the experience with a group of people.   Then over the next couple weeks I plan to chase the fall color into Pennsylvania and then back to Virginia.   

By the way, the picture above is the last remaining loom at Scranton Lace. 

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