Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Midnight Train

Last weekend Denise and I finished another fun photo tour in Cape May, NJ.  This year was our second in Cape May and we are already making plans for a return trip in 2015.  Whenever we do a photo tour we arrive anywhere from a couple to a few days ahead of the group so we can scout to make sure old favorites are still looking good and hopefully find some new locations. 

On my first night scouting I met up with good friend and Cape May resident Charles Ritter.  Charles has lived in Cape May for many years and knows all the best locations and even after a number of years he is still finding new locations.  It looked like sunset was going to be a bust so I suggested to Charles that we  do a little light painting instead.  Believe it or not there is an abandoned rail line deep within the town and these box cars seemed like a great subject for the effort.  

Speaking of light painting,  I will be teaching light painting at Nature Visions on November 15th.  

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