Thursday, November 5, 2015


On my way down to the Smokies for our Fall Color Tour I stopped along the way to check out some old cars.  Most of the cars were in a field with grass almost as tall as me, so I did not get to shoot most of the cars.  But I was treated to a tour of the owner's restoration shop.  She commented that some clients are skeptical because the shop is pretty old and not very fancy.  I told her I totally understood because some people incorrectly attribute a great picture to the type of camera used.  At that point I knew we understood each other.

I think she was skeptical when I said I wanted to shoot this Chevy from the 30's.  After all it's in primer.  But I loved the shape of it and the spot lighting.

By the way I did see one of their completed vehicles and it was beautiful.

I used Topaz Star Effects on the lights.  If you would like to try Topaz Products in your workflow check out our discounts page.

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