Monday, March 9, 2009

Shooting to Extremes

Yesterday concluded the annual Meadowlark Photo Expo for 2009. It was a great event as usual and went off without a hitch, thanks to my friends Sara and Greg and all the other members of the Northern Virginia Alliance of Camera Clubs. So yesterday afternoon I was working the speakers tent and one of the lectures was by Ian J. Plant on shooting to Extremes. Two of the many things Ian mentioned, was going out after a storm and sometimes placing himself or his equipment in less than safe environments.

So that got me to thinking about the Blog shot was taken last fall in Shenandoah National Park. A storm was breaking up and I beat feet to go up in the mountains before it cleared. The Extreme part was where I decided to take the picture. I was at the edge of one of the pull offs looking West and decided that going down the hill 20 feet or so would provide me with a better vantage point. Considering that the storm was clearing, a smart photographer would have concluded that the rocks might be slippery. I started to think this might be the case so I put my first foot down and checked to see if the rocks were slippery. All seemed fine and I took the next step. That’s when this became extreme. I fell and hit the rocks extremely hard, I was sliding down the hill extremely fast, and stopped just before going over a 15 foot or so overhang, all while holding my camera and tripod in the air.

So at this point my first thoughts were of gratitude that the bad fall was not worse and I was not permanently injured. I did get an Extreme bruise on a part of my body that will go unnamed.

Anything for the killer shot!


BillG said...

Hi Don,

I have often thought of this scenario and I had my chance at a similar opportunity last winter when I fell in white oak canyon and wound up in the river. My question is why didn't you press the shutter release during the slide? That would be really extreme. Love this shot.

Kind Regards,

Don Rosenberger said...

Hi Bill,

Thanks for checking the Blog. Nice to hear from you again.

Have you been to Henryton yet??

BillG said...

Hi Don,

I plan to head over their on Sunday. Are you interested in going?