Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Last Night in the Smokies

On our last night in the Smokies, Jack Nevitt and I set out for a location to shoot Star Trails. Not just any location will do. Ideally you want a spot facing north so the star trails move in a giant circle. Foreground interest is also important. We found 3 different possible locations and settled on the next pull off above Morton’s Overlook. New Found Gap Road is quite busy and traffic was an issue. To shield our cameras from the headlights of passing cars, I parked my truck at an angle that would afford protection for our lenses.

Lucky for Jack I had a spare body and timer. Jack had borrowed a timer and only realized when we started setting up that the batteries were dead. We then ate dinner and Jack edited his pictures. After 2 hours, we packed up and arrived back in Townsend at 1:00 am.

The tree is lighted courtesy of the passing cars.

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