Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ghost Hunting II

Last weekend Bill Gercken and I did a little ghost hunting so to speak. We visited an old asylum that was closed due to a court order. I have shot at old places before, but there was something different about this one. It was creepy at best and perhaps evil at worst. The weird thing about this place was the longer I was there, the more I really wanted to leave. I don’t recall ever experiencing this type of feeling before. This place has been closed for almost 20 years. The buildings are in such a poor state of repair you would think it had been longer. After exploring one of the buildings, we found a room with clean sheets on a bed and indicators of recent activity. This in a building where I would have felt better wearing a Tyvek suit and a hardhat. If I had any doubt about how much longer I was willing to stay, that settled it.

I’m not listing the location this time because I really don’t want to encourage others to go. This place is decrepit and possibly dangerous. While I got a few good photos and know others who have made multiple trips, I have no intention of going back.


Chuck R said...

I see you got some nice images from there! Yes, it is a creepy place!

Don Rosenberger said...

Hi Chuck,

Thanks for your advise on how to approach the place. I have gotten over the creepy factor and would consider going back in a few months.

Chuck R said...

Sounds good. Let me know when you are going back and maybe we can hook up. A place I haven't been to yet is Eastern State Penn. I'm going to try to make it there soon.

Don Rosenberger said...

I wish I had known, We went to ESP yesterday. Very cool place for sure.