Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Night Under the Stars

A few weeks ago I went camping with some members of my camera club. One of the main purposes was to do night photography. At first that looked doubtful, late evening the skies turned cloudy, but soon after dark we started seeing stars in the sky. We jumped in our vehicles and drove up the mountain to a spot that we had scouted a few months ago. The shot above was the one that I had planned to do, but things do not always go according to the plan. The clear sky only lasted a little over an hour. I usually like to shoot at least 2 hours worth of stars, providing me with nice long trails, but the clouds were a slight disappointment. The other issue that I did not expect was the effect that fire flies would have on my shot. The compiled images had a number of bright yellow orbs. I just had to laugh but also had to reduce the number of shots that I used to make the final image.
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