Friday, October 22, 2010

Cell Phone Photography

Last summer I met Harry Sandler in Iceland and watched with amazement the incredible work he was able to create with his iPhone.

I’m sure many serious photographers don’t take seriously the change in our universe that is being presented by cell phone cameras. I’m not ready to put my Nikon gear up for sale, nor do I envision that ever happening. The fact is that the cell phone cameras have their limitations. But at the same time I think the cell phone camera has the possibility to liberate you and allow the potential to free your creativity. David duChemin has a saying, “gear is good, vision is better”. I love my Nikon gear, but the gear is what enables me to capture my vision, it does not create the vision.

Here is a list of the current apps that I’m using on my Droid for photography. Camera Zoom FX, Photoshop Express, UniquePic, Photo Effect Oil, Photo Enhance and Foxy Editor.

I have been using my Droid to shoot and post pictures to Twitter. If you want to see some of my phone creations you will need to friend me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.

I shot the photo above in Culpeper, VA about a week ago. It is a picture of the right fender of a beautifully restored Buick Roadmaster.

By the way, I wrote the draft for this blog on my Droid Incredible while rocking to Pandora. Try doing that with your DSLR.
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