Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tulip Farm

Or perhaps I should title this post Tulip Factory.  Manassas Warrenton Camera Club recently took a trip to Tulips USA.   It was one of the best attended club trips I have ever been on.  I think all of us had visions of a greenhouse full of tulips in bloom!  The reality was quite different.  This facility has multiple rows of greenhouses,  all of them at least a football field in length. The tulips are grown hydroponically and are picked just short of blooming.  After all, they need to be in bloom after the customer takes them home.  The owner of Tulips USA gave us a complete tour of his facility and then turned us loose.  We had free reign to shoot anywhere in the facility, very generous on his part.   As I recall this facility ships about a million tulips a week.  It was a very impressive operation.

While I think most of us showed up on Saturday morning with a vision of rows of tulips in full bloom, it took me only a few minutes to readjust my expectations.  I always try and embrace what is right with the world, at least in regard to making pictures and this was a great place to spend the morning.  I think most of my fellow club members felt the same way.

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A beautiful image Don