Monday, June 13, 2011

It’s Just A Picture

Pictured above is the St. Nichols Coal Breaker in Mahanoy City, PA. I heard about this place last fall and was even told there were not any “No Trespassing” signs. So a couple of weeks ago on my way to Ricketts Glen I decided it was worth a slight detour to do a little site survey. For someone who enjoys photographing decrepitude it just does not get any better. But as they say, “Houston, we have a problem”. Upon my arrival I noticed brand new “No Trespassing” signs all over the property. In photographing a place like this you already take on a fair amount of risk, mostly risk of injury. I was not willing to take on the risk of criminal charges.

Upon returning home I contacted the company that owns the property to seek permission to photograph. As expected I was told the site is off limits. I have always respected the property rights of others and while I would love to photograph this wonderful place, I just can’t disregard the wishes of the property owner as well as risk legal trouble. After all, it’s just a picture.
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