Thursday, December 6, 2012

Back on the Blog


It was not my intention to take a month off from posting to the blog, but last month was the Nature Visions Expo.  Also I've had some other issues that took up time I would normally devote to photography. 
The issues that are competing for my time and attention will likely remain for the rest of the winter, but I’m hoping to still make time to take images and have to settle for less frequent blog posts for the next couple months. 

The shot above was taken at a farm outside of Richmond where the owner has a couple dozen old trucks just sitting in the field.  While normally this type of shooting is nirvana to me, I just was not quite on my game that day.  The harsh overhead mid-day light did not help either.  So rather than fight thru this mental obstruction, I jumped back in the truck and headed for lunch.  Arriving back just in time to catch the nice late afternoon light, I starting making images that suited my desires.  

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