Friday, January 4, 2013

Every Picture Tells a Story

A couple of years ago I was shooting at Lorton Prison with Corey Hilz and a couple other friends and just before our time was up, Corey found this picture of an American flag inside one of the maximum security cells.   On my next trip to Lorton I made sure to find this cell.  On the inside of some of the cells you find a variety of drawings, posters and such that perhaps provide a little insight into the former residents.  Finding an American flag in a place like this is a favorite of mine. 

A few years ago access to Lorton was limited to a select few, not because of any arrangement, because it takes time to navigate the necessary channels.  Well now the secret is out an a number of photo clubs and groups have been shooting this place for the last year.  So last fall I was looking for this cell to work on this shot once more.  I was certain I was in the right area, but this cell eluded me.  Then I found that someone had shut the locker door so the flag was not exposed.  I’ll never know for sure, but I suspect it was another photographer that thought they had found something unique and by closing the door would deprive others of getting the shot. 

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