Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 in Review

What a year. One of my pro friends recently commented that I had been hitting it as hard as any full-time pro. I have been fortunate and it has been a good year. When I first started writing this blog I expected to try and post something twice a month. This makes my 59th post for the year. I just can’t promise that next year will be as productive, but I’ll try. Also the number of visits to my blog has been quite impressive. I’m honored that people find my work worth following.

The image above was taken at Elakala Falls in Blackwater Falls State Park in West Virginia last September. I neglected to consider my shots from that day when I posted my gallery for that trip and I liked the shot too much not to share.

I think the theme for this year was diversity. While I primarily consider myself a landscape photographer, I shot lots of grunge and even a couple of models. My friend Tony Sweet says there are 2 types of photography, good and bad. I agree 100% and plan to continue following subject material that resonates within me.

I must admit that my passion for shooting was constrained by the realities of life. I didn’t get out and shoot anything related to Christmas and I had really hoped to spend more time on flower photography this year.

I’m on Facebook and Twitter. I have taken to Facebook, but Twitter not so much. I invite you to follow my occasional tweets or subscribe to my blog with Networked Blogs on Facebook. Occasionally I post images on Facebook that can’t be seen elsewhere.

I’m hoping to do just as much shooting in 2010. In most cases I should have something posted every couple weeks.
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