Wednesday, May 4, 2011

History Lesson

Lately I have developed a habit of reviewing my images weeks and sometimes months after I have taken them.  It’s not that I’m not excited about my pictures, I am.   In the case of the shot above, I ventured out on New Year’s morning to shoot a sunrise at a nearby abandoned farm.  The farm was a bit disappointing but I found this little cemetery on the way home. It is now April and I’m just getting around to working with this image.  Truthfully I was not sure what I would do with this shot or more precisely how I would process the picture and that might be part of the reason for the delay. 

I remember being struck by stumbling upon the grave of a former Speaker of the House of Delegates in such a small run down cemetery.   It turns out that John Franklin Ryan was indeed a former Speaker of the House in addition to being a large landowner and farmer.   The Loudoun Independent has a great article on this former farmer and Speaker of the Virginia House. 

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