Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pax River Air Show

This year like most years I shoot an air show.  This year the show was located at the Patuxent River Naval Air Station over Labor Day Weekend and the star attraction was the Blue Angels.   When shooting an air show there  are small details, like the color of the sky, that can make a huge difference in the quality of your shots. This year the sky was barely blue with a hint of overcast, not exactly optimal but better than a cloudy day.  I have experienced that as well.  

Spending most of my time shooting objects that don’t move, shooting an air show can be a challenge.  The speeds of the planes can average over 400 mph and occasionally Mach 0.9.  At that speed the sound starts to trail the aircraft.  As in every type of photography composition matters.  It takes a combination of luck and effort to get the shot.   In general there are few keepers and lots of throwaways.   With some maneuvers I just put down the camera,  knowing they might not make good pictures but are a thrill to watch just the same. 

All things  considered an air show is a huge amount of fun.  Our Military puts a lot of effort into providing a safe and entertaining experience.   I for one am grateful for the experience, but more importantly I am grateful for their service to our country! 


A.Barlow said...

Nice shot man. Got them in a really cool formation!

Don Rosenberger said...

Thanks Aaron!