Thursday, September 8, 2011

Storm Over the Valley

A couple of months ago I spent the evening sitting on top of the mountain called Big Schloss located west of Woodstock, Va.  Our objective for the evening was to shoot star trails.  While we were waiting for it to get dark enough to shoot star trails a thunderstorm was happening to the east.  In this area of the country storms generally move from the west to east so in this case I was not really concerned with being among the highest objects in the area.

Since I don’t have a shutter release that trips when it senses a lightning strike.   I would hold the shutter open for a few seconds and repeat.  The image about is a composite of 4 different shots. 

Regarding  star trails, that did not work out.  About 15 minutes after we set up another storm started approaching from the west and we felt it best to get off the mountain before it arrived. 


John Barclay said...

I'd say it was a worthwhile trip!

A.Barlow said...

Those are some pretty cool looking orange spots. Nice capture.

Don Rosenberger said...

Thanks JB, Thanks Aaron.